Fun Froyo Facts

We are passionate about all things Froyo and we’ve been collecting some fun facts to share with all our froyo fans. Did you know???…

  • Froyo was first introduced to the world in the early 1970’s
  • It was first made by a man named H. P. Hood and he termed it “Frogurt”
  • The tart and tangy Froyo that we know today was originally made in Seoul, South Korea before making it’s way to Southern California in the USA
  • Worldwide, vanilla is the most popular frozen yoghurt flavour
  • Americans spend over 2 million dollars (20 million rand) a year on Froyo
  • In one year, the USA produces up to 50 million gallons of frozen yoghurt
  • The biggest consumer of Froyo is kids between the ages of 6-11
  • Around the world, Frozen Yoghurt franchises are some of the most popular, and can be found in almost every city of the developed world
  • Frozen yoghurt is relatively low in fat and calories
  • Froyo contains enzymes that aid in digestion
  • The “good bacteria” in yoghurt helps strengthen the immune system
  • The high calcium and protein content of Froyo makes it good for your bones and muscles


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