Franchise Opportunities

We are excited about the explosive growth and progress we’ve made as we pioneer a new healthier, more natural frozen yoghurt product.  It is low in fat and has mostly natural ingredients.

We thank you for your interest in the Bella & Boo franchise opportunities and look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

Bella & Boo Approval Process:

  1. Initial Inquiry
  2. Submit Application and NDA and Credit check consent forms
  3. Interview & Receive Franchise Disclosure Document
  4. Approval and 15% deposit paid of Initial Franchise Fee.
  5. Find approved site and sign lease.
  6. Sign Franchise Agreement and Pay balance 85% of Franchise Fee.
  7. Architect Drawings ,Shop Fitting quotes and sign off.
  8. Begin Development
  9. Pre -launch marketing.
  10. Store Opening.

Below you will find a few answers to some of the question you may have regarding  owning your own Bella & Boo franchise – click on the questions to expand the answers:

Why Bella & Boo

Welcome to the land of endless possibilities where you rule the portion size, the choice of flavors and toppings! In short customer-created frozen yoghurt and it is quickly catching on in neighborhoods across the country and across the globe.  We are not just creating frozen yoghurt, we are also creating an irresistible business opportunity that’s enjoyable, easy  to run, and simple ingenious.

Bella & Boo Support

Bella & Boo is a unique concept not only in product but also in brand and rises above any competition in South Africa and abroad. Bella & Boo mastermind, Peter Cocorozis, has been in the food industry for over 23 years and has to his credentials many concepts that have stood the test of time.

Real Estate

Get off to the right start with the right sight.  We will assist your with the site selection and lease negotiations and guide you through the construction process.

Marketing Assistance

We will support you with strong marketing and advertising programs, along with complete packaging, communication and brand tools.

Research and Development

One of the many things Bella & Boo has going for it is what goes into it.  Our research and development department goes to great length to ensure the same level of excellence in every cup.

We do regular testing of culture counts in order to exceed  all quality control requirements and we will ensure constant growth by introducing new and exciting flavors.  Each flavor is comprised of only the best ingredients and sets us apart from your competition.  Our customer gets  a delicious healthy snack filled with life cultures, calcium and protein!

Operation Support

At Bella & Boo you rule and we help! We have professionals with many years of yoghurt service expertise as part of our team.  Our management team will train your staff and your team members and will visit your store to help strategize, build and execute our plan on a local level. The better your people, the greater your opportunity for success.

New store opening support

Through every aspect of the exciting but challenging opening process, the Bella & Boo team will assure that your store’s opening is truly grand.

Franchise Growth

Our new concept of frozen yoghurt is making an impact around the world. Bella & Boo has proven to be loved by a broadening audience locally and overseas.  Everyone from young to old enjoys Bella & Boo we are expanding in leaps and bounds.